lost of  fuji lovers in the often times  argued about the richest Nigerian Fuji musician. We also discover  and do a reseach  over the years that lots number of Fuji musicians, among all the lives fuji musicians like  K1 The Ultimate, Abass Obesere, Alabi Pasuma and Saheed Osupa, really continued to spread all over and have really  grow in and out of the country  and immense wealth.WE Realize this growth has actually brought lots of confusion in the industry of fuji as regard the riches among them all here in Nigeria. {THE TOP 10 RICHEST FUJI MUSICIANS IN NIGERIA AND THEIR NET WORTH

we from  have come to really take a good look into this controversy of fuji music here and its originator including the history and how it all started  including how it became so modenice,becouse if you check it has become so modenice and even beter . yr

Meanwhile we have real seen that this gere of music called fuji  in its entirety, is viewed as a musical ideology that is consist or  combines with so much kind of several genres including high life, gudugudu, Apala, Aro, juju, Sakara and Afro. This  fuji music kind of music has been taking the attention of so manny Nigerians  , And of-course  most especially the South-Westerners. Ever  since fuji music came into esistance   around the 1970’s , lots of Nigerians fuji lovers has continuously put in so much money in the recording sections of fuji and their albums to be lunched out within and acros the continent . Yes it is true so many  Nigerians have  not really come to understand what this exact gire of music and the meaning , Incase you dont know  Fuji music has gone  across Nigeria and  beyond its boundaries and even more than what you can imaging  . Due to our research we have been able to find that that Fuji music has also gone viral in some of this  Africa continent like  Togo, Cote d’Ivoire, Benin Republic, etc. meanwhile fuji music  at its inception around the 70’s, this fuji  musicians were not actually making good money from it . In that era, Nigeria had late Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, meawile most people do not believe he is  the pioneer of the Fuji phenomenon and it has actualy been the arguement of the fans and lovers of fuji music.

It is very fortunate that  , several records and albums of fuji  have become driving forces that has been  rolling in huge returns around  the very kind of  contemporary music industry, and it cant be  considered old-school kind of music because lots of Nigeria youth still derive so much joy playing and dance to it in all corners of the country most especially motor packs in most (especially in the south west) uptil date i bet you can still find most of Nigerian youth gyrating and cavorting to the rhythm of fuji . You can agree with me that the  Hip-Hop is not only the dominant Nigerian music genre within and outside Nigerian.

Argueable  most Nigerians across and wething have said the best part of Fuji musicians are Yoruba indigenes, it isn’t bizarre that the population of Fuji aficionados is actually  dominated by the Yoruba’s.

We from according to our discussion here we will be given presenting to all our readers of Nigeria’s richest Fuji musicians.


1. Ayinde Wasiu Marshal

He  is one of the finest  personalities you can find in the Fuji industry. K1 The Ultimate, according to the research , was born in 1957 in one of Nigeria’s South-Western States. Ayinde Wasiu has been good and has also remained  a prominent figure in the industry for so long without any kind of relenting or prejudice, also he has  recently  claims the top spot of Nigeria’s richest Fuji musicians. he has also been able to achieve at-least  like 50 album, like we all know in the past argument  K1 The Ultimate is believed to be one of Nigeria’s longest-serving Fuji stars. According to on his net worth,We discouver during our research  Ayinde Wasiu has earned lots and huge sums of money through his constant musical shows for lots many Nigeria reputable politicians and  businessmen and lots more.According to reports  the legendary Fuji star is worth nothing less than N750 million.

2. Abass Akande Obesere

arguable most fans of found and concluded  net worth of N500 million, Abass Akande Obesere is actually  in the second position of Nigeria’s richest Fuji artistes. he started  singing at a very tender age, Obesere has remained the originator of numerous Fuji albums including Effissy, Obaadan, well-known Egungun Be Careful, Omorapala, Asakasa amongst others.


Richest Fuji Musicians In Nigeria 2018

3. Wasiu Alabi Pasuma

“Pasuma Wonder! also known as. Wasiu Alabi Pasuma as we all know he is one of the chief Fuji artistes currently gobbling up the massive wealth Fuji has to offer.due to the love from fans lots of nicknames has been given to him  and he has also love them and  proclaims to bears allots  of his fans call him `”Oga Nla’’, “Ijoba Fuji’’,

Ever  since he came  into  fame with his 1995 album titled “Orobokibo’’, Pasuma has continued to grow and improve in hiss brand and receive  great recognition and wealth for himself. As God may have it, he is believed to be worth N455 million.

4. Saheed Osupa

the fans chant of  “Oba Nla’’ as they  discern on his presence. Sitting comfortably in the 4th spot of the richest Nigerian Fuji stars is Saheed Osupa his hometown could also  be traced to Ibadan. Having as his music career in 1983, Saheed Osupa has been abel to arrange and beautify  his music gallery with a total of 20 albums so far in the past few years and uptil date.

The popular  “Olufimo 1’’ has been  making waves in the industry of fuji with his sensitive music genre and is believed to have rendered his professional service to dignitaries including politicians, Oba’s, chieftains, etc. Currently, he has acquired the net worth of N450 million.

5. Adewale Ayuba

Has been able to features amongst the richest Nigerian Fuji stars, Adewale Ayuba was once been a Glo ambassador  and in addition he has made his unique fashion of singing a very important source of income. report said , his net worth currently hangs around N400 million.

6. Sule Alao Malaika

According to report with the net worth of N300 million, Sule Alao –popularly know with his nicknamed Malaika –meanwhile the fuji star has successfully taken his musical shows beyond Nigeria. he has been able earn and gathered lots of money inn and out of the country of Nigeria .

7. Shefiu Alao

Due to our research this is a renowned Fuji star that has massive lovers of hiss brand  in Ogun State, Shefiu Alao makes waves with his sensitive and meaningful songs .due to hiss sensitive musical ideology, most  of Nigerians fuji lovers have chosen him as their best musician uptil date. presently , his net worth is valued at N200 million.

8. Muri Thunder

It will surprise you to know that the net worth of N100 million, Muri Thunder takes the 8th position on the list. has he has risen from a Lagos ghetto to become one of Nigeria’s prominent and rich musicians, Muri Thunder is reported to have named late Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister as the role model who uplifted  his passion for Fuji music until date.

9. Taiye Currency

has he has worked very hard in hiss sensitive music report says his wealth base with a total of N85 million, Taye Currency marks another trending star in the contemporary Fuji arena. As we all know of course  Oyo State is the heart of his fan base, the star musician still  continued wax and  to extend his populous fan base within and outside Ibadan and more.

10. Remi Aluko

This is our  final on the list, Remi Aluko stands out in the 10th position with the net worth of N55 million. He is describe  as a talented musician reportedly his style accurately conforms to the penchants of many commercial bus drivers and public places ,  and got the love from the street people of Nigerians.

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