Army arrests nine fake soldiers in Lagos

Nine people were arrested by the Nigerian Army's 81st Division when they were posing as soldiers and committing crimes in Lagos State. This was revealed in a statement released on Thursday by Lieutenant Colonel Olabisi Ayeni, the acting deputy director of Army public relations. According to reports, the suspects were engaged in a number of crimes, such as carrying out unlawful tasks, supplying unauthorised security services, and providing escort services while disguising themselves as military personnel. The statement said, in part, "Mr. Abua Jacob, Mr. Solomon Abraham, Mr. Mohammed Jemilu, Mr. Michael Omieh, Mr. Dauda Samuel, Mr. Bida Musa, Miss Esther Audu, and Miss Vivian Titus were the impostors who were paraded to the media on March 13, 2024, at Headquarters 81 Division NA, Victoria Island Lagos. These suspects have been taken into prison on a number of charges, including unauthorised security services, performing escort services while disguising themselves as military personnel, and more. "Their actions have damaged the Nigerian Army's respected reputation in addition to jeopardising civilian safety." "On February 7, 2024, at Alaba International Market, Ojo Lagos, Mr. Abua Jacob, a dismissed soldier, was taken into prison for impersonation. In similar incidents, dismissed soldiers Mr. Solomon Abraham, Mr. Michael Omieh, Mr. Mohammed Jemilu, and Mr. Dauda Samuel were all taken into prison for the same acts. "Miss Vivian Titus and Miss Esther Audu were also arrested for impersonation during operations along different routes in Lagos." The press release said that the accused would be turned over to the Nigerian Police for additional inquiry and legal prosecution. Additionally, law-abiding residents of Lagos and Ogun States were encouraged to remain vigilant and report suspicious activity by Major General Mohammed Takuti Usman, the General Officer Commanding of 81 Division NA. In June 2023, it was revealed that six suspects, allegedly posing as military personnel, were paraded by the Nigerian Army's 81 Division in Lagos.
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