Reported boat driver claims Junior Pope refused to hire life jacket before the tragic incident

According to a Nigerian man who states to be the drowning boat's driver, actor Junior Pope refused to put on a life jacket. The person operating the boat has at last made an appearance on camera, according to a newly released video. A passionate young man can be seen in the film talking about his opinions on the life jacket and the circumstances surrounding Junior Pope's death. Actor Junior Pope's last words, according to a Nigerian guy claiming to be the boat driver on the boat in which he died, were revealed when the famous actor refused to get a life jacket. This can be seen in a recently released video with the caption, "The guy who was driving the boat speaks out." The young man can be heard recounting his side of the incident, including what Junior Pope said before he passed away, and the life jacket, in the video. He speaks with a passion that touches on anger. One of the people in the room asked him why the boat's crew wasn't wearing life jackets, and he answered right away. "Then tell them to wear life jackets; Junior Pope said he didn't have money," stated the boat driver. He suggested that the production pay for the rental of life jackets. In the video, the boat driver made a number of other claims, one of which was that Junior Pope wasn't good at making videos. His comments gained interest on social media, and many others left comments on the page to share their Watch Video below

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