Blord Inspect a Catholic Church he Is Building for A Parish in His Hometown Worth N300m

Linus Williams, also known as BLord, a billionaire businessman, updated his fans on the Catholic Church building project in his hometown, which is currently worth at over N300 million. He shared a video of himself standing in the unfinished building on Instagram, showing that the Ebenebe Tansi church's roofing is now seventy percent complete, just as promised. In order to complete the project, which would cost more than N300 million, he requested that his fans pray for him. Furthermore, BLord stated that the church has been without a roof for nearly two decades, having been abandoned when he was six years old. In his words: Roofing of Ebenebe Tansi Church is 70% completed as promised, with plastering and tiling following by God's grace. This project was contracted to @m.dagash911, Director of Tonimas. Pray for Blord, I need God's strength to finish this project; it's not a 100 million naira project; we're looking at 300 million or more, and I'll do it alone. Do you aware that the church has been unroofed for the past 20 years? Grace, I was only six when they ceased building on the church. Netizens applauded his efforts and offered prayers in the comments area, as he had requested. WATCH VIDEO:
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