A Nigerian women gives birth to triplets after a nine-year pregnancy

A Nigerian women gives birth to triplets after a nine-year pregnancy


A Nigerian woman has gone viral on a famous social media platform after revealing that she gave birth to triplets after a 9-year pregnancy. The news came from a recent post by one of her close relatives, who revealed that she had the pregnancy for 9 years before successfully delivering her babies.

The post included video of the triplets' faces. When several people raised concerns about the video, the user who shared it reacted to clarify the circumstances. As the video continues to gather traction and grow viral, many more people have visited the page to express their opinions.

See some reactions below:

Fadekemi💋❤️: “Come again 9years or 9months congratulations abawonkale🙏🙏.”

Adunni love❤: “9mth or yrs I don’t understand.”

FASHION DESIGNER IN LASU: “Story time please 🥺 Congratulations mummy baby Ayo ah dale🥰.”

Temitope: “How did she cope because nine months sef is not easy 😩 ahh she actually a strong woman ☺️.”

No pressure Me: “Mk she share the story abeg 9 year keh glory Beto God almighty.”

aderonkekenny245: “Congratulations ma🥰🥰🥰🥰, i use this as point of contact for a sister in my area that has been pregnant for some years.”

qualityfabricsstoreosogbo: “congratulations 🎉 Alhamdulillah 🙏 am for you ma❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

Sunmonu Omolola: “Congratulations oluwa a da awon omo naa si fun ogo re.”

Godwin signature Empire 👗✂️: “congratulations, I pray the kids grow old by God’s grace.”

MheezAndy1: “Allahu Akbar🙏 what a surprise 🥹😫 Big Congratulations to her 🥰 May Almighty Allah make them the coolest of her eyes.”

funkeniola: “congratulations her they we stay long with her bad things we never happen them she will not cry over them.”


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