May’s lawyer to Yul Edochie’s Marriage is not a beer parlour statement on walking away from marriage

May’s lawyer to Yul Edochie’s Marriage is not a beer parlour  statement on walking away from marriage


May Yul Edochie's lawyer has responded to the actor's viral speech about ending his marriage, addressing his behaviour towards his estranged wife.

The actor's controversial statements about marriage have recently received attention, as he stated that marriage should not be a do-or-die situation and that people should be free to leave if they are no longer interested.

He had said …

Marriage is not a do-or-die scenario. No! It could work. If you see it isn't working, go away. Respectfully. There's no need to hurt each other.When you go away and meet the next person you want to marry, marry. If it doesn't work again, leave. See another one and marry. You can marry 50 times. You cannot control how others react to you. What makes me happy is not the same as what will make you happy, and don't listen to anyone who tells you that doing this will benefit you. No! Find whatWorks for you. And if you decide today that you will not marry until you die, please do not marry. "Be happy.

Edochie's lawyer emphasised that marriage is a legal institution, not a casual arrangement, with defined processes for


dissolution. The lawyer pointed out that Yul Edochie did not end his marriage, but rather took on another wife to show himself as a polygamist.

May Edochie’s lawyer wrote …

YUL EDOCHIE IS WRONG AGAIN: WHEN YOU DON'T LIKE YOUR MARRIAGE, YOU DON'T JUST LEAVE. Yul Edochie's recent interview has gained attention on social media. He stated, "If your marriage isn't working, walk away and marry someone else. If the new marriage still doesn't work, walk away." "You can marry up to 50 times." – Yul Edochie However, he is twice as wrong about this. First, this was not what he did regarding his marriage to Queen.May. He hadn't walked away with the intention of ending his marriage to May. Instead, he intended to add a second wife while remaining married to May as a "proud polygamist." So one wonders when Yul came up with the theory he is presently proposing. Second, Yul is incorrect because walking away is not the appropriate response when you are no longer involved in your marriage. Rather, you follow the proper processes to end such a marriage. Marriage is not like a bar where you may walk in and out. It is an institution established by laws. As an institution, it requires formal ceremonies to establish a marriage, which subsequently evolves into a family. Furthermore, marriage results in many cases, including his.

Marriage may result in the birth of children, as well as the obtaining of marital property by the husband and wife. So, if you want to end your marriage, you should take steps to undo the initial legal ceremony that established the marriage by performing another legal ceremony to dissolve it. You should also address worries of child custody, access to children, child maintenance, and marital property division. Having your so-called second wife propagate lies and falsehoods against your wife in order to tarnish her image Isolating her from society does not mean "walking away". It's a foolish and shady act. So, in his recent interview, Yul disappointed everyone who once thought he was intelligent. They need to remind him that what he claimed during the interview was not what he did, and that no normal person can simply walk away from his family. It is the height of irresponsibility to try to leave a marriage without consideration for the children, or to force your wife into polygamy. Furthermore, he needs to be reminded that he cannot "marry someone else" until he has divorced his first wife.