Tolanibaj replies friend Avala after she called her an “enemy”

Tolanibaj replies friend Avala after she called her an “enemy”


Tolanibaj, a reality personality, has responded to her friend Avala after she

 tagged her colleague, who also works as a DJ, as a "enemy". Recall that Gistreel

 revealed that reality star Avala used her page to drag her pal. Although the reason for their breakup is unknown, it is possible that

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their friendship ended after Tolanibaj blocked her friend on Twitter. In a fresh post on Tolabaj's Facebook, she said that Avala

 tagged her as an enemy since she was unable to play one of Avala's songs while DJing at the club last night.

Tolanibaj-jpeg Read TBaj’s tweet below…

"I've made a few calls get clarification on the situation because we were just at a function

 last night. I was advised that you expected your music to be played during my DJ

 performance last night, however I was unaware. There was no indication from the promoter that I needed to include your act into my DJ set at all.

My set last night was supposed to run an hour, but it was cut to 30 minutes and ended suddenly so that the next DJ could play. (I wasn't happy about this) Yes, you told me

 you were performing, and I was so happy for you. A song that I love and have promoted across all of my platforms? Come on, Girl. How was I supposed to know the

 plans if nothing was told to me? "To be honest, I am quite disappointed since what you may have assumed is absolutely wrong. We could have cleared right away with a

 phone call or text, but there was no grace period to hear my side of the story."