Portable- Why Davido unfollowed me online

Why Davido unfollowed me online – Portable


After a heated hangout in America that led in a string of allegations and arguments, the two artists fell out. Portable, a.k.a. the Zazu crooner, revealed his lack of concern for Davido's behaviour during a heated Instagram Live debate. By highlighting his strength and independence in the music business, he made it obvious that being unfollowed by Davido will not hinder his career. By claiming that a small number of people actually helped him succeed, Portable also addressed the problem of false encouragement from other artists. Following their time together in the US, he said, Davido made an attempt to ridicule him; when that failed, Davido made the decision to unfollow him.

His words:

I’m also an 001 because I’ve always get everything I wanted and since I started my music how many of you guys have helped me . I’m not a fa!lure , I’m a winner.”