Why I love Burna Boy – Shakira

Why I love Burna Boy – Shakira

In an interview with Rolling Stone, legendary singer Shakira openly acknowledged her feelings for Nigerian singer Damini Ogulu, commonly known as Burna Boy.

In addition to Burna Boy, Shakira revealed respect for South African Grammy winner Tyla, showing her wide musical interests.

 Shakira declared a passion for music with an Afrobeats sound, emphasising her genuine love for the genre. While

 acknowledging her appreciation for Tyla, Shakira emphasised her strong feelings for Burna Boy.

Shakira said:

"If I were to describe my musical interests in three clauses, I'd say varied, honest, and real. I enjoy everything Afrobeats. I like Tyla, Burna Boy, and anything Afrobeats. But I love Burna so much."