Linda Ikeji Ends Silence Regarding Son's Surname Scandal

Linda Ikeji Ends Silence Regarding Son's Surname Scandal


Linda Ikeji, a well-known Nigerian blogger, breaks her silence on her son adopting her surname instead of his father's. It should be noted that news spread when netizens speculated that she had changed her son's surname to her own, shortly after publishing a post referring to the boy as Jayce Ikeji.

Jayce Ikeji and Ryan Kanu visit  Disney/Marvel Paris. Cousins, strongest friends, and literally raised as brothers. Their love for each other is great, and they are inseparable whenever possible! Ryan is the very best young human ever! They've been on a few vacations together in the past, but this is the first one they'll remember now that they're nearly 6 and 7." she wrote

She went to Instagram to explain that she did not change her son's name because he was born an 

Ikeji. However, she emphasised that the child has the opportunity to change it when he grows older.

She wrote …

Just to clarify. I have NEVER had to change my Son surname. He's been an Ikeji since he was born! Where do I have the time and patience to change my name? When he reaches growing up, he will decide whether to change or preserve his sumame (Ikeji). Food for my junior colleagues."