Singer, Guchi: I used to work in an ice cream shop.

Singer, Guchi: I used to work in an ice cream shop.

 Guchi, the Nigerian singer best known for her song 'Jennifer', revealed that she used to work in an ice cream shop to support her family.

During an interview with Chude Jideonwo, she revealed that her boss, who overheard her singing at work, ended up being a huge assistance in her life.

"I used to work at an ice cream store. I didn't want to sit down and say I have a passion for music while waiting for Don Jazzy to come and sign me at my home. "I had to feed my siblings and mother."

she explained

The singer described the critical moment that altered her life, saying, "This particular day, I was in the back, singing and preparing the ice cream so I could pour it inside the machine, when my boss walked in and asked who was singing, and they all screamed Guchi." "So he answered, 'I appreciate your boldness,' and then placed his hand in his pocket. I believed he was going to offer me a tip for going home that day, but instead he pulled out a card. I was very disappointed. "I had no idea that was my destiny helper."