Isreal DMW appreciates Chioma and shares why she deserves her upcoming wedding.

Celebrity logistic manager Isreal DMW showers praise on his boss' wife, Chioma

 Adeleke, while describing why she deserves the forthcoming wonderful wedding to

 Davido. It should be noted that Davido, the superstar Afrobeat singer, confirmed his

 wedding in a recent video with his friends in America.

In a recent Instagram post, Israel DMW praised her boss' wife's wife-like character,

 emphasising that her beauty connected with kindness is a unique characteristic. Fans

 called Chioma Adeleke "Juju" and maintained that she deserved Davido's

 coming wedding, particularly because she was

instrumental in the singer's career and

 happiness. In a follow-up post on his Instagram story, Israel shared a sweet photo of the couple celebrating her last birthday.

 "Dear, ma C., you certainly deserved to be honoured. Lagos deserves to be closed for you, ma. Your characters are excellent showing your well-trained talents, ma.

"A woman cannot marry just on the basis of her beauty. You're also one of the main

 reasons why oga keeps rising and always happy, ma. Thank you for everything, ma.

 "God bless you always, Ma," he wrote. The tweet has received attention from fans, who praised the logistics manager's commitment to his boss and family.