Insecurity, Cubana Chief Priest Asks Why Flavour Opted to Bury His Dad in Enugu

Insecurity, Cubana Chief Priest Asks Why Flavour Opted to Bury His Dad in Enugu
According to Nigerian socialite Pascal Okechukwu, also known as Cubana Chief Priest, ongoing insecurity drove highlife star Flavour's decision to have his father's burial rituals in Enugu rather than his native state

 of Anambra. In a heartbreaking Instagram post, Chief Priest, who was among the many influential persons in attendance at the tragic occasion on Saturday, highlighted the security issues facing the southeastern region. He issued an emotive call to all

 Southeasterners to join forces in fighting the growing risk of instability that has disrupted their towns. The star barman, as he is referred to with insisted that people from the South East not destroy their homeland in response to marginalisation. The Cubana

 Chief Priest stated unequivocally that giving in to such behaviour only serves the interests of those seeking to disorganize and destabilise the South East.

He wrote:

This amazing funeral was supposed to take place in Umunze, Anambra State, but we're managing it in Enugu. Um, we need to get together and address this; it's no longer entertaining. We cannot ruin ourselves because we are marginalised. "We must preserve our glory by returning to our

 peaceful nature. We can only fight back if the house is in order for effective preparation. If this continues, it suggests they were successful in disorganising us.

 "Oga Adicha, nke di nairu ka. "RIP, Papa Ijele Igbo Nile, Papa Muru African royalty 2niteflavour ebube agu na eche agu."