Femi Ogedengbe explains the way cultists attacked him, Hanks Anuku, Prince Eke, and others.


Actor Femi Ogedengbe has openly spoken about the horrendous physical attacks he and his colleagues faced at the hands of cults. Femi discussed how cultism was wild in Nollywood. He described a terrible incident in which he, Prince Eke, and his colleagues were forced to flee. He claimed that Hanks Anuku was the exception, having bravely stood his ground and prepared to confront the threat.

Femi disclosed this during an appearance on the "Teju Babyface Deep Dive" podcast, when he opened up about difficult recollections from his life, including the untimely deaths of ten friends on the street where he once lived. He admitted that he was unaware of his close buddy Orji's status as a prominent person in the criminal organisation and had unwittingly become embroiled in an armed robbery racket. "From 1990 to 1995, more than 35 of my friends were killed in robberies. In reality, I had no idea that the person I collaborated with, Orji, was one of the most notorious robbers. Ten of my childhood pals were killed on our street; they were all macheted," he claimed.