Oyinbo guy offers gift for Nigerians after returning $14K.

Oyinbo guy offers gift for Nigerians after returning $14K.
An Oyinbo Crypto trader @raffayalvi has announced a new giveaway after accidentally giving 100 Solana tokens worth $14k (N21 million) to a Nigerian guy named Femi Anjola, who quickly returned the money. The saga began when the Oyinbo man @raffayalvi meant to do a social media giveaway but accidentally sent the huge amount of money to Femi instead. Femi quickly returned the money, demonstrating great honesty and caused @raffayalvi to publicly commend Nigerians for their integrity. Oyinbo guy who returned $14K offers giveaway for Nigerians.
In reaction to the huge support and excellent responses, @raffayalvi launched a new giveaway. This time, he intends to distribute $500 worth of Solana tokens (about N752,000). Taking to social media, he wrote: "$500 $SOL giveaway." Like, repost, and comment. Keep alerts enabled. "I love you guys." The announcement has caused excitement among @raffayalvi's followers, many of whom are hoping to win the next giveaway.

Netizens Reactions…

@roselyn_carloss commented: "I believe in this giveaway, but I have never won anything in my life."

 @Sirlanko1 responded: "Okay. Let's see if I can win the first giveaway on Twitter in the cryptocurrency area. "I am glued here."

 @namzyvibez shared: "I pray to win this time around because i believe in you and all you have been doing for the community." 

@MrsZanga responded: "If I'm lucky enough to win this giveaway I'll share half to everyone who interacts on this comment." 

@Maishsnz asked, "What is the rate of one $SOL in Naira?" My Nigerian brethren follow and have a potential to win big."

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