Broke guys don’t deserve love” – Saida Boj and Blessing CEO schools ladies

Internet personalities Women are advised by Saida Boj and the CEO of Blessing not to fall in love with unwealthy guys since they do not deserve it. The CEO of Blessing had a live Instagram broadcast where they made this announcement. Saida Boj, who the well-known internet therapist referred to as her "mini-me," was invited to the conversation. Saida said that due of her attitude towards broke guys, she was getting a lot of hate from them on the internet. She thinks that unless men are financially secure, they are not worthy of love. She cites an instance where she told her brother's fiancée to go away as he was having financial challenges and argues that she is unbiased and simply wants what is best for women. She emphasises that as a male, you have to be able to take care of a woman to a certain extent before you start a relationship.
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