Creating state police won’t curtail insecurity, insurgency — IPOB

A reaction has been given by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to the Federal Government's initiative to establish state police agencies throughout the nation. It stated disapproval of the measure and said that it wouldn't reduce insurgency and instability in the nation in a statement signed by Emma Powerful, its media and publicity secretary. The statement says as follows: "We, the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), ably led by the great and indefatigable leader, Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu Kanu, call it an effort in futility following the recent move to establish State Police in the country by the Federal Government of Nigeria." However, IPOB opposes State Police and is in favour of the establishment of Regional Police. The idea to create the State Police by a federal government led by the APC is a plot to bring together all the states under the control of one APC party. It is not intended to reduce the nation's level of insurgency or insecurity. Nigerians should "shine their eyes." Instead of creating State Police, Tinubu's administration needs to create Regional Police if they are genuinely interested in reducing the violence and insurgency plaguing the nation. Without the assistance of its neighbouring states, no state government can effectively address instability on its own. Furthermore, the establishment of the State Police will give governors who support terrorism the chance to create an area for criminals and terrorists in their state. However, a directive of the Regional Police can prevent this from happening. In the end, a lot of Even in spite of total control over the Security Forces, Nigerian governors act like dictators. If they have control over vicious and corrupt security forces like the Nigeria Police Force, you can only image what they will do. "If they so choose, the Nigerian Federal Government and the National Assembly may create Regional Police Commands in compliance with the constitution. Given that Nigeria's six regions are recognised by the constitution, these areas should to have the legal authority to create Police Commands. Native police personnel from the area should make up this Regional Police Command. They should answer to the Governors Forum and other regional leaders and stakeholders as well as the Governance Structure of that region. We are one people, and every State is linked and connected in the former Eastern Region, which afterwards was separated into the South East and the South South. State Police are so prohibited to operate in our area. However, the creation of a regional police force is both feasible and beneficial to the area. In the end, the people and governors of South Western Nigeria founded Amotekun, a regional vigilante group. The Eastern Security Network (ESN), a regional vigilante created in Biafra Land by IPOB, was designed to defend the South East and South South against attacks by roaming Fulani terrorist herdsmen. Despite opposition from the Nigerian government and its lethal security forces, these two security vigilantes—especially ESN—have done a good job of defending Biafra land. working along with the terrorists to take over Yoruba and Biafra areas. Nigeria was founded on fraud and was always going to fall apart, thus the government's attempt to shift security forces from the federal to state or local levels is pointless. Nobody believes in the entity known as Nigeria anymore, as evidenced by the failure of the National Security systems and the demand for the State Police. People don't believe in Nigeria; they believe in their tribes and ethnicity. In order to prevent the forthcoming explosion, Britain and other interested parties in Nigeria should move quickly to organise a dialogue on the peaceful dissolution of Nigeria. There is no security system that can prevent Nigeria from collapsing.
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