Lady cries bitterly as she narrates how her Saudi Arabian boss got her pregnant while working as a maid

Faith Wambui, a Kenyan maid who worked in Saudi Arabia, has come forward to speak about her harrowing experience of being impregnated by her Saudi master. Speaking exclusively to Tuko, the woman described the agonising difficulties she faced, including food, sleep, and exploitation. According to the lady, she travelled to Saudi Arabia with the support of her older sister. However, the opportunities that awaited her there were far from optimal. She was treated with hostility from her employer, who had a great hate for her. The lady described awful scenarios in which she lasted days without enough food or rest. Despite the terrible conditions, she was torn between the harsh realities of her situation and the pressing demands of her family back home, causing her to bear the hardships forced on her. "He won't feed me enough. Sometimes I'd go three days without eating. I also did not get enough sleep. "I wanted to quit, but when I remembered the problems back home, I decided to endure the hardships in the house," she said in part. To add to her misery, the lady revealed her boss's brother's evil actions, which cleverly exploited her weaknesses. He used deceitful tactics, such as concealing food from her and using her desperation by providing financial assistance. "He'd bring me some rice and soda. Sometimes he would give me money, which I would later beg him to send to my family because my first three-month income was going to my agent," she explained. The lady unhappily revealed that she was forced to have an affair with him, which ended in her being pregnant.
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