Kizz Daniel is a Genius”- 2Baba’s Commends Vado’s on his new EP

The popular Nigerian musician 2Baba, better known by his stage as Innocent Idibia, has given his younger colleague Kizz Daniel—real name Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe—high praise for his recently released EP TZA. This happens after 2Baba called Burna Boy one of the best artists in history, causing a stir on the internet. Showa, Too Busy To Be Bae, Twe Twe, and other songs are on Kizz Daniel's most recent EP, which the African Queen vocalist shared a glimpse of. Kizz Daniel was praised as a musical genius by the singer.
"I have no idea what to say about Kizz Daniel. 2Baba posted a caption stating, "You guys are witnessing an African music genius." Below is a screenshot of 2Baba's post about Kizz Daniel. A number of online users concurred with 2Baba's assessment of Kizz Daniel's aptitude and capacity for producing high-caliber music. captured a few of the responses. Take a look at this: akureketical_: "In actuality, Kizz Daniel is a unique talent." AGINAS: "Kizz Daniel paid his payments.Ar "Kizz Daniel is better than the big 3 combined," commented stfuemmanique. wistful: "Oga Kizz doesn't sing garbage. Make no use of anyone Two by two, Kizz compared 2baba oh create ogun no nack person. "Legend knows the game," says MudashirIsmail1. *Son Adopted: "2"Baba has always spoken well about Kizz Dniel, even before Kizz began releasing songs. About ten years ago, 2Baba consistently stated that Kizz Daniel is an artist who will make history like him. "Genius indeed, but why doesn't Kizz Daniel win a Grammy?" asked Alexandaahh. "I have no idea what to say about Kizz Daniel. You are seeing a musical talent from Africa. 2Baba Idibia oxkdWmbWbF — April 2, 2024 øłü Ōmo Vädo🥷 (@gre3t)
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