FG bans money ritual, smoking, crime scenes in Nollywood movies

FG bans money ritual, smoking, crime scenes in Nollywood movies

NFVCB CEO Shaibu Husseini revealed that the Nigerian government has authorised a prohibition on money rituals and vices in Nollywood films at the National Stakeholder Engagement on Smoke-Free Nollywood in Enugu.

The event, organised by the NFVCB in collaboration with CAPPA, brought together industry executives to discuss industry concerns. Husseini stressed the importance of immediate action by parents, guardians, and stakeholders. "When my predecessor discussed with the former Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the need for legislation to reduce smoking in Nigerian films, it became clear that money rituals should also be addressed," Husseini stated. "This regulation now includes ritual killings and the glamorization of other crimes to further sanitise the film industry." Hannatu Musawa, the Minister of Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy, has approved a new regulation under Section 65 of the NFVCB Act 2004.

The "Prohibition of Money Ritual, Ritual Killing, Tobacco, Tobacco Products, Nicotine Product Promotion, and Glamorisation Display in Movies, Musical Videos, and Skits" Regulations 2024 have been sent to the Federal Ministry of Justice for publication. The awareness programme aims to educate stakeholders about the dangers of showing smoking in Nigerian cinema. In addition to health problems, glamorising smoking can have a harmful impact on teenagers and young adults, who make up the majority of Nigerian cinema audiences. The NFVCB plans to launch comprehensive awareness efforts in secondary schools, universities, local communities, religious groups, and other organisations.

The film industry is critical to the entertainment and creative sectors, and we must prioritise its expansion," Husseini stated. " The NFVCB advocates for smoke-free films and encourages collaboration to create content that promotes positive health messages. Following lengthy consultations, the NFVCB, in partnership with CAPPA, developed'subsidiary regulations' to handle smoking in films, which is not directly regulated by existing legislation.

The NFVCB is committed to leading this project and has already began using creative techniques to carry out its mandate. According to reports, the Board is in charge of registering all film and video outlets across the country and keeping a record of these outlets, among other duties.