Mohbad's Father Encourages Any Lady With A Child For His Deceased Son To Come Forward.


Mohbad's father, the late singer, asks that any woman who has a child with his son come forward, as he expresses the need to have grandchildren. It is worth noting that the late singer had a child named Liam with his baby mum, Wunmi. However, Mohbad's father, Mr Joseph Aloba, has claimed that the boy, Liam, is not his grandson and has been fighting for a DNA test, which Wunmi has yet to conduct. In a recent move, Mohbad's father expressed his desire for an heir who would carry on his late son's legacy. During a TikTok live broadcast, Mohbad's father requested that any woman has a child for her late son step forward so that a DNA test could be conducted.

He said in part …

Any woman on the planet who has a child for Mohbad should come out now. It will be a big thrill for me to finally know that my son Mohbad left a child behind and to see my grandchild. All we need to do is run a DNA test.

Check out reactions that followed …

iam_anikegold tweeted: "Mohbad is the real person that needs DNA cus this man can't be he's father 🤮 Rest Mr Aloba 😏"

 evve__lynn commented: "You didn't acknowledge your own grandson, yet you're out here looking for another kid... this man reeks of stup!"dity"

 Tallest_alaga inquired, "What if you are not Mohbad sir's biological father?" Rennypet wrote, 

"You guys know what he's trying to do..."He will subsequently bring up a lady and state that Mohbad has a child somewhere and that he has undertaken a DNA test to ensure that the child is actually Mohbad's child. Liam bin called Mohbad son because she doesn't want to go for DNA. "Just watch and see📌"

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