Nigerian lady celebrates university graduation by wearing father in gown.

Nigerian lady celebrates university graduation by wearing father in gown.


A Nigerian woman felt emotional on social media after dressing her father in her graduation gown on her university graduation day. The touching moment was captured in a video that received thousands of likes on her social media profile.

In gratitude for her father's support through her academic career, she invited him to her graduation ceremony and dressed him in her own graduation gown. She captioned the photo with 'My universe,' referring to her father as the most significant man in her life. As the video of this beautiful moment spreads on social media, worried users have swamped the comments section with their concerns.

See some reactions below: 

TOMIWA: "They cared for us when we were younger, but now we care for them ❤️."I pray that our parents enjoy a long life."

 Harike123 added: "He will live long and reap the fruit of labour insha allahu 🙏❤️."

 @mhizjoy: "Why am I crying? I wish I could do this with my biological father 😭 but he chose to abandon me." I never existed in his words, and my uncle deserved this."

 Holuwaseyi 🌺❤️‍🔥: "My daddy will see my success in Jesus name, Amen😫🙏🏻 Congratulations, darling 🎉."

 LarryBlackie: "Congratulations! ❤️My Daddy I'll be signing off in a few months, and I hope you could be there to see my big day 😭 This portion one year without you as hell me, my mother, and siblings😢 RIP DAD🤍🤍."

Aduke": "🥺🥺🥺🥺Congratulations sis ❤️ur dad shall reap the rewards of his labour ijn🥰 he shall live long with good health, Wealth and happiness ❤️❤️❤️❤️." That

 black girl ❤️🥺: "Congratulations, ma'am. I'm not sure when tears began to well up in my eyes after watching this video."

 Oreofeoluwatofunmi; "God please spare my mum and dad alive to this moment and make them enjoy the fruit of there labour." Okikijesutofunmi Fashion House:

 "Congratulations, sis. 😭😭I miss my daddy during my convocation 😡. "maham original honey🍯," congratulations🎉: "may he lives long to enjoy the fruit of his labour in good health🙏."



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