‘I insist N3.7trn not linked to any project’ — Sen Ningi

On Monday, there was a heated dispute between Senator Abdul Ningi (PDP, Bauchi Central), the Chairman of the Northern Senators Forum (NSF) and other senators on the statement that N3.7 trillion was unconnected to any project in the 2024 budget. In a Saturday BBC interview (Hausa Service), Senator Ningi made the claim that the N28.7 trillion budget being executed by the Presidency is different from the N25 trillion budget approved by the National Assembly for the 2024 fiscal year. Speaking to reporters in Abuja today, Senator Ningi declared that he was ready to bear his cross and that he was not frightened of the Senate suspending him. He continued by reiterating his claim that N3.7 trillion could not be linked to any project in the 2024 budget, which he made in the BBC interview. "Power is transitory." Ningi says that, given his belief in only one God, he would see being suspended at the end of the day as an honour. He emphasised that he was speaking for himself and not the Northern Senator Forum, of which he is head, when stating that power is transitory. Ningi said that he never mentioned running two budgets for the federal government throughout the interview. He said, saying that he had only said N25 trillion being linked to projects, not the N3.7 trillion. "We have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that N25 trillion has a connection to the budget thus far," Ningi stated. This indicates that there are three things: money, project, and place. But N3 trillion of that budget is still unknown to us. Although the N3 trillion portion of the budget has been determined, its location and exact location remain unknown. Still, as I mentioned earlier, the budget review is ongoing. Finally, I stated that the northern senators intended to meet with President Bola Tinubu after presenting our results to the Senate President about financial allocation.I've never behaved in a regional manner. I have never identified as a regional person, but I am a very proud northerner, to be sure. "A budget issue arose, but it wasn't a budget matter. I think there is only one God and that power is transitory. What we're doing, in my opinion, is only temporary. I'm not afraid of anything you are here for, or of any problems like suspension. "If I am suspended for saying what I said, then be that as it may." that. It will be an honour.
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